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    ALS Yachts is the global leader in yacht charter in Odessa.  


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Motor yachts

  The advantages of motor yachts are wholly evident. Motor yachts are powerful and fast vessels, capable of covering greater distances in less time. So if you are hoping to travel widely on your next luxury yacht charter holiday, then a motor yacht is the ideal vessel for you to choose.

  Given their popularity, motor yachts have benefited from greater technological advances compared to their sailing counterparts. This means that not only is the motor yacht faster, but it also boasts a shallow draft that offers its guests the chance to navigate almost any coastline or archipelago, regardless of whether the passage is narrow or the water is shallow.

Motor yachts are equally popular for their versatility elsewhere. Motor yachts tend to be larger and enjoy greater deck space on average thanks to their design and relative size. This means more on board facilities, more guests and more opportunities for recreational activities.

Being powered by a motor has some fortunate but otherwise less evident benefits. As motor yachts are easier to operate the crew expenditure is greatly reduced and the crew recruitment process is far easier. .


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Yacht club: Rent yacht in Odessa

Odessa is a popular city for tourists and there a lot of sights here. Visiting this beautiful city, it would be a great and unforgettable experience to go and see some of them. As Odessa is a port city a visitor should totally try to get unique feelings from the sea trips. During the cruises, you can observe picturesque landscapes of the sea and Odessa's nature, visit famous and alone Zmiinyi Island (Snake Island). There are a lot of possibilities to hire a yacht in different places. Because of a wide range of sailboats, you do not need to worry about you won’t find a suitable one. Companies, which allow you to rent a yacht, are usually able to supply a tourist with many kinds of popular and famous  water transport such as:

  • motor yachts;
  • sailing yachts;
  • open yachts;
  • beautiful gullet yachts;
  • catamarans;
  • jet skies;
  • classic yachts.

In Odessa, it is easy to rent a luxury yacht or if you are not interested in the big and expensive ones, the cheaper (but no worse) sailboats are provided in great numbers. But for a great pastime, people should understand that the yacht lease is an important decision. So here are some criteria to find out which sailboat is the best one for you.

Yacht charter prices

First of all, choose the price range for yacht rentals depending on your own budget. This really can be helpful to save your time because there are loads of yachts for different rental fees. And scrolling the list of the sailboats available to hire is enormously bog. Luxury yacht rental prices are expensive while small yachts rentals seem to be cheap. And don’t worry that a low or on the contrary a big cost gives you a small range of boats. Because Odessa yacht rental expects people with all economic resources and desires. Renting is not purchasing boats so low prices exist too.

Type of boat

Do you prefer a fast yacht or a slow boat? If you want nimble transport then choose the motor yacht in Odessa. Also, it is a good choice when you need to travel a long distance without neglecting comfort because motorboats are provided with all the needed things for a continual cruise. For getting some thrills and drive, choose open yachts. These super yachts for rent provide people with impressive feelings after the cruise. Or maybe you like measured and quite travels? Then sailing yachts for hire is the best option. There is a similar kind of boat - catamaran, which is highly appreciated by lots of people.

As for other activities, there are specialized boats and yachts for rent. For instance, fishing doesn’t require something extraordinary, so a visitor can rent a boat yacht because of its low price and simple control for ordinary people. However, active sports like surfing and water racing expect a unique kind of sailboat such as beach catamaran. Yacht leasing companies usually have some examples of this sloop so will not be a serious problem to find one.

Boat capacity

If you are traveling alone it doesn’t really matter what size of a boat is. Even the smallest yacht provides one tourist with all the necessary things. But for big groups, there are many luxury yachts for rent. The length of the boat depends on the number of people it can accommodate. Normally 4-6 guests can easily shelter on the 40-45 feet long yacht. For more people like 6-8, it is enough to get a yacht for rent with a length of about 45-50 feet. As we are speaking about long cruises, check the number of cabins with places of sleep. It is uncomfortable to relax and fall asleep just on the deck.

Year built

If a tourist has some specific preferences about the year when the yacht was built companies have new, long used and medium aged boats. Usually, the newer boat, the better it looks. So when appearance is an important aspect of a tourist’s event, it will be better to rent the newer.

Cruise time

The dates of your journey should be chosen properly because of the weather, price, type of the event (weekend yacht charter, corporate yacht charter, yacht charter holidays) and other things.

All in all, Odessa is a wonderful city, especially, for tourists who want to get real excitement from the sea trips. Here it is possible to do a journey even in other countries. Rent yacht in Odessa is really accessible and common for everybody so this city is perfect to rent a luxury yacht or an average sailing boat.